Curriculum Vitae


PhD, 2019

University of Chicago

Philosophy of Religion

Dissertation: “Hegel’s Sacrificial Imagination”

Dissertation Committee: Ryan Coyne, Françoise Meltzer, Jean-Luc Marion

MA, 2011

University of Chicago


Focus: Philosophy of Religion


BA, 2008

Centre College

Double Major in Philosophy and Religion



Skidmore College


Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies

University of Louisville



Department of Comparative Humanities


Kentucky Wesleyan College



University of California Santa Barbara


International Center for the Humanities and Social Change

Dissertation Fellow


University of Chicago


Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion

Junior Fellow


Workshop for the Philosophy of Religions

Communications Coordinator


Workshop for the Philosophy of Religions

Digital Content Editor


Teaching Assistant to Kevin Hector


Centre College


Visiting Instructor of Philosophy


Research Assistant to W. David Hall.


Udo Keller Stiftung Forum Humanum


Grant recipient




Mysticism and Materialism in the Wake of German Idealism. Co-authored with Sean Hannan. Routledge Press, Series: Contemporary Theological Explorations of Mysticism. (Under contract).

“Presenting the Unpresentable: History and Redemption in Novalis and Benjamin.” Warwick Continental Philosophy Conference: Continental Philosophy and its Histories. Co-Sponsored by the University of Warwick Department of Philosophy and the British Society for the History of Philosophy (March 26)

“Novalis’ Nachtbegeisterung: Apophasis and Poesis at The Limits of Transcendental Reflection.” Thinking About Nothing: Negation, Philosophy, and the Mystical; co-hosted the Mystical Theology Network and the Association for Continental Philosophy. Liverpool Hope University. Liverpool, UK. (Forthcoming; July) POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 OUTBREAK

“Fichte’s Transcendental Critique of Neoplatonic and Christian Mysticism.” North American Fichte Society Early-Career Workshop. (Forthcoming: Summer TBD).


“‘Broken, Torn, Splitting: Georges Bataille’s Mystical Praxis.” Annual Faculty Lecture, Skidmore College Religious Studies Department (Forthcoming: March 30, 2020). CANCELLED DUE TO COVID-19 OUTBREAK.

“Freedom and the Fate of the Gift: Hegel and Marion on Eucharistic Presence.” Questioning Boundaries of Participation: Eucharist and Ordination. Sponsored by the Catholic Studies Unit. American Academy of Religion Western Region Annual Meeting. Claremont Graduate University. (March 14)


“Transcendental Frustration: A Critical Re-Appraisal of the Hegelian Legacy for Philosophy of Religion.” The Journal for Cultural and Religious Theory 18:3 (October 5).

Book Review: Remnants of Hegel: Remains of Ontology, Religion, and Community, by Felix Duque. Reading Religion: A Publication of the American Academy of Religion (Sept 2019).


Panel Organizer: “Mystical Materialisms: Mysticism and Concrete and Critical Praxis.” Co-sponsored by the Mysticism Unit and the Theology and Continental Philosophy Unit, American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Denver Colorado (Nov 18)

“Kenotic Misapprehension: Self-Emptying and Religious Imagination in Post-Hegelian Materialisms,” Mystical Materialisms: Mysticism and Concrete and Critical Praxis. Co-sponsored by the Mysticism Unit and the Theology and Continental Philosophy Unit, American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting, Denver Colorado (Nov 18)

“The Limits of Conviction: Hegel and Weber on the Possibilities of Modern Community.” Humanities and Social Change, Fact and Value in Public Life: Plural Cultures, Media, and the Academy Today, Summer Institute.  Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia, Italy.  (June 26)

“Hegel and Bataille on Sacrifice.” The Hegel Bulletin, Special Issue 2018: Hegel and 20th Century French Philosophy.  Cambridge University Press.  (October)

“Re-Thinking the Hegelian Legacy: Infinity, Death, and Religion in the 1800 System,” Situating Philosophy of Religion, Annual Graduate Student Symposium, Department for the Study of Religion, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. (April 22)

Book review: Hegel’s Social Ethics: Religion, Conflict, and Rituals of Reconciliation, by Molly B. Farneth.  Reading Religion: A Publication of the American Academy of Religion. (Jan).


“Selfhood and Sacrifice in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit” in Self or No-self: The Debate About Selflessness and The Sense of Self. Claremont Studies in the Philosophy of Religion, (Tübingen: Mohr-Siebeck) 2017.

“Reason, Revolution, and Religion: Hegel and the Crises of Modernity.”  Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion, Public Panel, University of Chicago, May 18.

“Hegel and Hölderlin on Post-Kantian idealism: Sacrificial Love and the Limits of Verstand,” Martin Marty Center for the Advanced Study of Religion, Fellowship Seminar, March 29.


“The Idea of Sacrifice in Hegel’s Early Reflections on Enlightenment and Religion” Oberseminar, dir. by Jean-Luc Marion, University of Chicago, February 14.

Book review: The Highway of Despair: Critical Theory After Hegel, by Robyn Marasco.  Radical Philosophy Review, vol 19, no. 2: 513-516.

Book review: Tragedy in Hegel’s Early Theological Writings, by Peter Wake.  The Journal of Religion, vol. 96, issue 3: 432-433.


“Selfhood and Sacrifice in Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit,” Claremont Graduate University, 36th Annual Conference on the Philosophy of Religion, Udo Keller Stiftung Forum Humanum Graduate Student Seminar.



“Onto-theo-dicy: Historicism, Realism, and Sacrifice in the Works of Hegel, University of Chicago, Workshop on the Philosophy of Religions, October 30.

“The Colophon of Doubt is Part of the Text: Dialectics of Consciousness in Lacanian Psychoanalysis and European Idealism,” University of Chicago, Philosophy of Religions Club, Feb 13.


Peer Reviewer, Journal of Church and State (Oxford University Press)

Peer Reviewer, Journal of Religion (University of Chicago)

Peer Reviewer, Filozofia (Institute for Philosophy, Slovak Academy of Sciences)

Peer Reviewer, Kritike: An Online Journal of Philosophy (University of Santo Tomas)

Peer Reviewer, Symposia: The Journal of Religion (University of Toronto)


French (Intermediate), German (Intermediate), Latin (Beginner), Greek (Beginner), and Hebrew (Beginner).